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Schoolyard Heroes – Abominations

This is an amazing release from a great unknown band out on the west coast. I was and still am a huge fan of the first two albums so when this was released I ordered it the first day it came out, but am just now getting a chance to write about it. The album hits hard but there are actually a few softer songs, which suprised me but they were still lyrically pretty gruesome.

This is the third major release from Schoolyard Heroes

Total time: 48:05
Year: 2007
1. Dude, Where’s My Skin? 2:37
2. The Plastic Surgery Hall Of Fame 3:17
3. Cemetery Girls 5:09
4. Violence Is All The Rage 3:05
5. Children Of The Night 3:44
6. The Last Man On Earth 3:21
7. Razorblade Kisses 3:31
8. Sometimes They Come Back 4:15
9. Beautiful Woman Hunter 4:24
10. All The Pretty Corpses 5:15
11. Screaming “Theater” In A Crowded Fire 5:59