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Happy Turkey Day.


Schoolyard Heroes – Abominations

This is an amazing release from a great unknown band out on the west coast. I was and still am a huge fan of the first two albums so when this was released I ordered it the first day it came out, but am just now getting a chance to write about it. The album hits hard but there are actually a few softer songs, which suprised me but they were still lyrically pretty gruesome.

This is the third major release from Schoolyard Heroes

Total time: 48:05
Year: 2007
1. Dude, Where’s My Skin? 2:37
2. The Plastic Surgery Hall Of Fame 3:17
3. Cemetery Girls 5:09
4. Violence Is All The Rage 3:05
5. Children Of The Night 3:44
6. The Last Man On Earth 3:21
7. Razorblade Kisses 3:31
8. Sometimes They Come Back 4:15
9. Beautiful Woman Hunter 4:24
10. All The Pretty Corpses 5:15
11. Screaming “Theater” In A Crowded Fire 5:59

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

A retarded Dark Shadows style comedy horror not worth wasting your time on… or the greatest masterpeice ever to grace the small screen? You decide.

Ok I’ll decide.

It’s perfect, it’s cinematic goliath, terrible acting, awesome dialog, a lot of slow motion (I mean a lot of slow motion), horrible effects, puns.. puns.. puns.. and of course, the director as the starring role.

When it first came on I thought it was a commercial for super deluxe but it kept going and looked cheesy, so of course I was going to watch it and for a random watch, I must say I was impressed. Not with the acting.. or the effects, story line, dialog, scenery, the jokes or in general the characters but more than someone had the balls to make something like this and actually put it on TV on the time when I expected Futurama on.

Would I watch it again? Of course I would.

These are the gems kept from american TV for too long.

I hope they place the rest of the series on Cartoon Network.

It’s time for Family Guy so I’m out.

Well last night sucked.

It however can be fixed easily with a few of these badboys. Today isn’t looking good. It’s pouring rain and crappy out. Looks like today is going to be a nice day to close early.


Well it’s 3am almost 3:30 and I can’t sleep.

It’s abnormally warm outside though, 54 degrees F (12.2 C for you Will) and very peaceful out. I just stood outside thinking and there was absolutely no noise, it was actually kind of creepy. Today (Yesterday) at the store was dead and tomorrow (Today) isn’t looking much better with an 80% chance of rain. I’d like to start putting some reviews up for various things I’ve watched / played / thrown away / set on fire over the past month or so and I think I will start doing that tomorrow.

For everything I review I’m going to attempt to put a gallery up since I finally got that fixed inside the website. So stay tuned for some reviews and I’m going to try and get some sleep.


My new toy

I purchased an iPod Touch recently (16 GB Model) after my old iPod got stolen out of my car.

I love this damn thing, I’ve already hacked it to incorporate the iPhone apps as well as a few nice applications that seem to work well (internet radio, 16GB? Naa I’ve got an unlimited amount!). The wireless network connection works excellent and the browser is actually pretty decent. Battery has a great life and all the old connections work which is key because I have the cables to my old ipod and everything works fine.

The display on it is beautiful and the touch aspect works flawlessly, as expected considering that was the main selling point of the item.

All in all I love the damn thing and I use it all the time.

Hellgate: London

I’ve been playing Hellgate: London lately and I must say that I’m impressed. It’s by the original team that did diablo, so there are a lot of “shared” features. The game is fun and seems to have a ton of potential and expandability. The game lacks a few things so far, but I’m sure they will get that fixed.

A couple things the game is missing:

  1. In-game mail system
  2. Better guild control
  3. Better chat window (was actually better in the beta than in retail)
  4. Better inventory control

I have tossed up a few screenshots from the beta site and a few from the retail copy of the game. Go check em out.

If anyone from my wow days stumbles upon this page and is wondering who is playing so far it’s Tella, Fun and myself. If you are interested in playing just leave a comment here and I’ll get in touch with you for the info (server name, char names, etc.)