Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

A retarded Dark Shadows style comedy horror not worth wasting your time on… or the greatest masterpeice ever to grace the small screen? You decide.

Ok I’ll decide.

It’s perfect, it’s cinematic goliath, terrible acting, awesome dialog, a lot of slow motion (I mean a lot of slow motion), horrible effects, puns.. puns.. puns.. and of course, the director as the starring role.

When it first came on I thought it was a commercial for super deluxe but it kept going and looked cheesy, so of course I was going to watch it and for a random watch, I must say I was impressed. Not with the acting.. or the effects, story line, dialog, scenery, the jokes or in general the characters but more than someone had the balls to make something like this and actually put it on TV on the time when I expected Futurama on.

Would I watch it again? Of course I would.

These are the gems kept from american TV for too long.

I hope they place the rest of the series on Cartoon Network.

It’s time for Family Guy so I’m out.


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