Traffic Experiments

Over the past few weeks I have been doing various experiments with traffic and people.

Experiment 1: Let everyone go and see who does the thank you wave.

Results of experiment 1: People are douchebags, most people didn’t wave thank you which leads into experiment 2.

Experiment 2: Let only people go that aren’t in luxury cars.

Results of experiment 2: Interesting, almost all of them waved thank you and one guy actually gave me the thumbs up out his window after waving thank you.

Conclusion: People in luxury cars are pretty much assholes and think that they don’t have to wave thank you because they are in a car thats more expensive so you should automatically let them go because they are socially superior to you. Bullshit.

Next weeks experiment won’t be so much of an experiment as me being a jerk.

I am only going to let people driving honda civics go.


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