It’s rainy. It’s miserable.. IT’S MONDAY!

It seriously could not be a more stereotypical monday but social science takes no breaks my friends. Today was day 1 of a new traffic experiment and much to my enjoyment, there was a civic on the road whom I could let go and they said thanks. 1 for 1.

However, there were tons of people who were just driving like absolute assholes. I am not sure if it was the rain or because it was monday and people didn’t want to be on the road. There was a lot of cutting people off, no directional use and even the running of a stop sign which almost ended in a collision.

On the family side, Zach has mastered the riding of a two wheeler, which is great, I think for his 5th birthday I’m going to buy him a new bike, he loves his current but he likes the handbrakes on my bike and I think he would love it if he could stop like daddy. Not sure if they have kids bikes with freewheel, but that would be huge.

Well I guess I should start my work day.



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  1. drgn
    8. July 2008 at 09:05

    buy him

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